CASA got guided tour of new headquarters TenneT by Adam Visser

Thursday 21 Mar '13

On the 8 March, CASA Arnhem had organised an excursion to a number of projects west of Arnhem; the so called regional-update ‘Westflank’. The program that day included a visit to the Mariëndaal Centre of Excellence (MCE), the new headquarters of TenneT under construction and to be completed later this year.

The MCE comprises a new office concept, developed as part of the overall vision for Business Park Arnhem. The architecture by GROUP A is fully integrated with the surrounding landscape, designed by H+N+S. The MCE can be regarded as a “Belvedere”: the building takes full advantage of the existing landscaping and cherishes and strengthens the natural open spaces, views and green borders surrounding it. The main building volume has an all-round orientation, is devoid of sharp corners, and is predominantly horizontally articulated. The transparent plinth acts as a transition between landscape and building, and follows the natural curves in the flanking landscape. The transitional feel of the transparent plinth is enhanced by its spatial layout with a ground-floor plaza, housing representative functions like the entrance, café, restaurant, auditorium and meeting rooms. The upper floors house offices and supporting facilities, divided in units ranging from 500 to 1,000 sqm. Large windows ensure daylight to enter deep into the offices.

The Mariëndaal Center of Excellence has been developed and realised by BGB Development (TCN, BAM en Giesbers Wijchen) under a Design & Build contract.