GROUP A designes new premises Condor RDM

Friday 15 Feb '13

Condor Shipping Container Warehouse, Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij, Heijplaat, Rotterdam

GROUP A has been commissioned by the Rotterdam Port Authorities to prepare a preliminary design for a 50 x 100 and 25 meter high container warehouse. The warehouse accommodates both crane-load-testing and storage of containers. Stagged floors at one end provide highly conditioned storage space for smaller 'special' goods. Office facilities in this part of the building support the warehouse administrative functions. 

The warehouse is located at the southwest part of the RDM grounds, alongside the demarcation between harbour and residential areas. It is precisely this historical symbiosis between the areas at Heijplaat, what has been addressed in our design for the container warehouse. The identity of the new warehouse will be defined by the strong contrast between the rugged big scale container har-bour and the small scale of the secluded village. Although large in size, the proposed building reflects the human scale in its detailling. The facades are transparent in strategic places to provide expression to the beauty and mystery of the machinery and activities inside.

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