Completion refurbishment Central Plaza

Tuesday 04 Dec '12

Last november the refurbishment of the Central Plaza at the Weena Boulevard Rotterdam has been completed.

The multi-functional development comprises besides approximately 20,000 m² office space, a parking garage, retail gallery, and residential tower. The 3,800 m² retail area is located on street level. The objective of the large scale refurbishment of Central Plaza is to upgrade the offices and retail area to suit present and future requirements.

The overall refurbishment includes:

On the exterior, large new canopies with integrated lighting, will emphasise the entrance of both offices and retail area. The representative entrances will clearly stand out from the façade, inviting visitors to enter.

On the interior a comprehensive refurbishment of the two entrance lobbies will involve applying new natural stone floors, bamboo clad walls, and 3,5 meter transparent revolving doors. Reception areas on the individual floors will also be fitted out with bamboo clad wallsand transparent lift doors, bringing in day-light. Both the shell-and-core office space, sanitary blocks, etc., will also undergo a comprehensive refurbishment.

On the interior of the retail area, floors will be provided with a new top coat, and shop fronts replaced. Signage and lighting fixtures, will be redesigned to provide orientation, atmosphere and coherency in the shopping area.