Redesignation the Nieuwe Kerk in Zierikzee

Wednesday 16 Jan '13

GROUP A has been selected to redesignate and redevelop the Nieuwe Kerk in Zierikzee commissioned by BOEi. The Nieuwe Kerk, built in 1884, has been in use for various cultural events since the nineteen eighties.

The town centre of Zierikzee has a lively character, contrasting sharply with the Nieuwe Kerkplein square a stone's throw away. Despite regular activities and performances being held in the church, a more fortified connection with the public space of the city centre is needed. It is obvious a strong urban link should be provided between the Nieuwe Kerkplein and the animated town centre. Recently, a branch of the Tourist Office has been located in the Sint Lievenmonster tower, strengthening the recently restored church and adjacent square as a destination.

Redesignation will be in line with the current use of the church as an event space. With some smart and simple alterations to the building interior, the Nieuwe Kerk will further enhance the qualities of the Kerkplein square.
The 'Red-Carpet' concept.

Starting point of the redesignation of the Nieuwe Kerk is to enhance the church's status in Zierikzee and beyond, by relatively simple means. By adding a runner over the square and through the church all the way up to the Sint Lievenmonster tower, a strong link will be provided between the newly defined public zone in the square and the church interior. The linear character of the church has been deployed and has become a binding element that strengthens the attraction of the Nieuwe Kerk.

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