Refurbishment office Damen Vlissingen

Friday 28 Jun '13

Refurbishment and renovation head-office 'De Schelde' of Damen Shipyard Group

GROUP A has recently been selected for the refurbishment and renovation of the interior of the head-office 'De Schelde' of the Damen Shipyard Group. The phased delivery of the project will be carried out in a Design&Build partnership with Cordeel Netherlands.

The office building, 'De Schelde', a national monument dating from 1913, was designed by J.P. Stok for the Royal Company De Schelde but has been used by Damen for a number of years. The original design for this head-office was based on the architectural language of the American industrial design principles combined with predominantly European detailing. Over the years many alterations to the building, mainly in the nineteen eighties, have made the original architecture difficult to read.

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