Final completion Central Plaza

Thursday 16 May '13

Central Plaza shopping area in Rotterdam Weena Boulevard reopened after an extensive six months refurbishment. The offices and car park had already been refurbished and completed shortly before. In 2011 GROUP A was commissioned to design the refurbishment of initially the 16,000 sqm of offices in Central Plaza along the Rotterdam Weena; a commission given further clout by the architects' introduction of the following themes to the project:

- optimising the urban route from Rotterdam CS down to the Lijnbaan, right through the Central Plaza shopping area;
- highlighting the presence of both the office program and shopping area, by providing them a clear address and strong identity along the Weena;
- revitalising 3,800 sqm of shopping area and individual shops;
- value appreciation of real estate by optimization of the multifunctional character.

Optimisation of the urban route from Rotterdam CS to the city center is implemented by GROUP A by moving the main entrance to the shopping arcade, right into the buildings' corner facing the Central Station Square. To provide orientation a large glass revolving door - almost like a sculptural cylindrical element - is pushed into the shopping arcade. To improve guidance of visitors' flows through the arcade shop fronts are replaced and positioned in a more flowing line, providing a better connection between the entrances. Floors in the retail area got a new hardwearing natural stone finish, shop fronts are replaced, and signage and lighting fixtures redesigned, to provide clear orientation, a pleasant atmosphere and collective identity in the arcade. Ligting concepts were drawn up by BeersNielsen light designers. Along with the new arcade layout, routing, finishes and materialisation, these improvements create a pleasant and inspiring shopping environment as well as a strong link between Central Plaza and the surrounding public area.

For more information see project.