GROUP A builds... #13 | Structure TNO Lab rises

Earlier this year the first pile was driven starting the construction of the TNO Laboratory for Building Innovation. As soon as the building on the TU Delft Campus is completed, TNO starts to carry out research on innovation and longevity of materials, energy and constructions in the building industry.

The progress of contractor De Vries and Verburg is now clearly visible on the construction site. The building is taking shape step-by-step. On the street-side we started constructing the laboratories and offices, followed by the adjacent test halls. The photos also reveal how the halls and laboratories are connected via a double-high corridor.

In the design we make use of (semi) transparent facade sections so that the construction of the building will remain recognizable. As a result, the traffic movements between the various functions in the building will also be clearly visible.

Location: TU Delft Campus
Investor: a.s.r. real estate
Developer: Stone22
Completion: February 2021