X-ray scanner I

visually attractive building in rough harbour area

The X-Ray Scanner I – designed in collaboration with Art & Build – accommodates a container scan with which incoming containers are quickly and safely monitored; 25 trucks can be screened per hour. The highly advanced X-ray technology is housed in a building that shows this dynamic on the outside.

Although simple in structure, X-Ray Scan a visually strong building. The deep grooves of the Aluzinc panels emphasize the long, slender shape.

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One requirement was that the materials should be resistant to an aggressive environment, which is why we chose as much as possible to use pure, unprocessed materials. The roof consists of a steel structure, covered with Aluzinc, an alloy of aluminum and zinc that combines the strength of steel, the protective effect of zinc and the stability of aluminum. The material has a long resistance to corrosion in the long term, and is extremely suitable to use in an environment such as the port of Rotterdam.

The concrete elements are coated, in a dark gray color that emphasizes the thickness and weight of the material. The concrete walls are 55 and 30 cm thick, with the X-rays falling on the thickest wall. The elements are joined step-by-step, providing maximum protection against X-rays. The concrete elements and the light steel roof construction are largely prefabricated, so that the construction time was short and the building, as required, is easy to move.

For the Relocatable X-Ray Scanner, the Chinese company Nuctech has been approached to supply the scanning equipment. The container scan developed by them is material-differentiating, and makes it possible, for example, to distinguish organic from inorganic substances, as well as liquids, plastics and metals.

Because the client was open to unusual choices, a clear accent could be placed in an architecturally unattractive area. The border controls do not become more fun, but faster, safer and above all more beautiful.



Belastingdienst Customs Rotterdam


New build


Reeweg 26, Rotterdam, NL


650 sqm


X-ray scanner

Start design

September 2006

Start construction

November 2006


July 2007



In collaboration with

Art & Build
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The makers of this project

Maarten van Bremen
Maarten van Bremen

Architect | Partner

Adam Visser
Adam Visser

Architect | Partner

Folkert van Hagen
Folkert van Hagen

Architect | Partner

Fatima El-bouyahyaoui
Edwin Larkens
External stakeholders