With our architecture we create identity and quality

We commit ourselves to create buildings and public spaces that rejuvenate urban areas, contributing to the general well-being. We underline the importance of social involvement and motivation. With our designs we create identity and quality.

The office, founded in 1996, is led by¬† Folkert van Hagen, Adam Visser, Maarten van Bremen and Diederik Erkel, and employs 31 designers and 4 support staff. Our office is located in the Keilepand in the M4H-area in Rotterdam. We have designed and refurbished our office space ourselves and share it with several companies, to promote knowledge exchange and to make use of each other’s expertise.

Our portfolio comprises assignments of different scale levels: architecture, interior, urban design, landscape, product development and research. We take responsibility for the design, the technical development, the supervision and the budget. This connection between design, technique and management means that the architect is continuously involved. In our opinion this is necessary in order to ensure quality of each individual building as well as the broader built environment.

We work on assignments with multinational teams, where equality, commitment, everyone’s input of talent, experience and enthusiasm are necessary conditions. In short, GROUP A is an office that likes to broaden its horizons.