Studio for architecture, interior design and urban design
GROUP A is a Rotterdam-based studio for architecture, interior design and urban design, housed in a building that endorses our working method. A light, open floor office in the Keilepand in M4H, with space for interaction and meeting. GROUP A itself is responsible for the refurbishment. The office, founded in 1996, is headed by Maarten van Bremen, Folkert van Hagen and Adam Visser. Together with 27 architects and 4 staff members they are a close-knit team.

Over twenty years of experience
Our portfolio consists of a wide range of projects. In more than twenty years we have worked on offices, interiors, housing projects, multifunctional buildings, infrastructure, transformations and redevelopments. We do not see these different levels of scale in isolation from each other, and are approached as one.

Solutions with character
We believe in the power of a group with the right chemistry. In a process of commitment and ambition, the most valuable projects are realized. Within the breadth of a project we take responsibility for the design, the technical elaboration, the supervision of the process and the monitoring of the budget. We oversee the whole, zoom in on the details and take the user as the starting point. Together with all parties involved, we realize smart and characterful solutions on a large and small scale.