Optimism combined with a willingness to investigate

GROUP A is an Dutch studio for architecture, interior, urban and product design. The office, founded in 1996, is led by Folkert van Hagen, Adam Visser, Maarten van Bremen and Diederik Erkel, and employs 31 designers and 4 support staff. Our portfolio comprises a broad range of projects. In the past twenty years we have worked on offices, industrial buildings, housing projects and redevelopments.

We are convinced of the need to treat interior design, architecture and surrounding urban landscape as mutually interactive parts of any design solution. Our office has a flat organisational structure that stimulates all employees to contribute their talents, know-how and experience, in order to continually improve the qualities of the office as well as each individual.

Our light and open plan office in the Keilepand, in the M4H-district in Rotterdam, reflects the way we work. Our approach is one of optimism combined with a willingness to investigate; in each successive design stage. Workshops, research and discussions go hand in hand with the production and execution of drawings, renderings and presentations. The open studio environment encourages involvement and creates a synergy of motivation and responsibility.

The architectural profession is not limited to design alone. Our broad approach not only encompasses projects of differing scale and content, but also building technology, management and cost control. This means we pursue to take responsibility for the entire design and building process.

The connection between design, technique and management means that the architect is continuously involved. In our opinion this is necessary in order to ensure quality of each individual building as well as the broader built environment.