Sustainable environment
For us, design primarily consists of creating environments in which people can live, work or stay comfortably. Sustainability and innovation of this environment, in which the quality is central and the impact on the environment is limited as much as possible, is a natural part of our design process. Through workshops, lectures and collaboration with sustainability experts, we update our technical and substantive knowledge of sustainability and circular applications. Together with all parties involved, this leads to sustainable and integrated design and construction processes. This is reflected in our projects: for Dow Benelux we recently designed the head office with the BREEAM label EXCELLENT, in which sustainability, health and safety play an important role. And the Smederij NDSM in Amsterdam has the BREEAM label GOOD. A special achievement given that it is one of the first redeveloped listed buildings in the Netherlands to obtain this certificate.

Open attitude
Our approach is one of optimism combined with a willingness to research; in every design phase. Central is the social process: architecture demands commitment, both inside and outside the office. This social engagement demands and gives energy and acts as an engine. From this social engagement we have a very broad orientation: the public matter is close to our hearts and is a stimulus for our thinking and way of working. In recent years our field of work has shifted from projects from the old economy to more open issues from a more dynamic form of commissioning. This creates a diverse and complex field of work and requires an open attitude on the part of all stakeholders.

In short, GROUP A is a studio that continuously broadens its horizons.