Interior Damen Schiedam completed

GROUP A designed the entire interior of the new Schiedam office building of shipbuilder Damen. As part of the entrance area, the layout and furnishing of the restaurant and the rest of the ground floor were refurbished and aligned with each other. On each floor we created an open work space around the core of the building, with enclosed (meeting) areas and a private living room with service wall and pantry.

Based on existing elements, a warm but at the same time sleek entrance has been designed with a chic, nautical and Scandinavian atmosphere. Materials such as wood and natural stone and the use of natural colours play an important role in the design. Ash slats were used for the wallcovering. Together with sea blue kitchen elements, this is a reference to Damen’s maritime activities. In quieter places the atmosphere is kept cooler, where it is busier warmer colours and materials have been used.