Damen Cruise/Ropax/Offshore

nautical identity

GROUP A has designed the new interior for the Schiedam office building of Damen Cruise/Ropax/Offshore. The entrance area has been thoroughly renovated and fitted out with a sturdy wooden reception desk, fitting in with Damen’s corporate identity as a shipbuilder. Furthermore, the layout and furnishings of the restaurant have been renewed and brought in line with the entrance area. On the offices floors we have created open work spaces around the core, with enclosed (meeting) rooms on each floor and a private living room with service wall and pantry in sea blue.

Based on existing elements, such as the natural stone floor, a warm and sleek entrance has been designed with a chic, nautical atmosphere. With materials such as wood, in natural colours, and natural stone, an attractive space has been created where visitors and employees feel at home.

For the cladding of the reception desk, counter desk and cupboards, ash slats are used, which vary in thickness and width. This pattern refers to ship decks. Together with the sea blue pantry, this is a reference to Damen’s maritime activities.



Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding


Refurbishment, interior


Karel Doormanweg 25, Schiedam, NL


3,420 sqm



Start design

October 2018

Start construction

March 2019


November 2019



The makers of this project

Maarten van Bremen

Maarten van Bremen

maarten@groupa.nl Architect | Partner

Brigitte van der Tuin

Brigitte van der Tuin

brigitte@groupa.nl Interior architect

Raymond Leentvaar

Raymond Leentvaar

raymond@groupa.nl Interior | Projectleader

Pim Bangert

Pim Bangert

pim@groupa.nl Interior architect

External stakeholders


Cordeel Nederland bv

Building safety

Bosch Building Sollutions

M&E Engineer


Installations contractor

Klimaat- en Elektroservice Holland

Special furniture