Meet…#5 | Edwin van Thuijl

In the ‘Meet…’ series we meet Edwin van Thuijl. Edwin studied architecture at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and has been working as a draftsman since November 2015. He specializes in the Revit drawing program.

If I can choose
– Then I work on one project
Then I work on several projects at the same time

If there are five projects active, I’d prefer to keep it one by one to keep it clear. Of course, this is not enough.

The best thing about my job is
– Contributing to the realization of a design
Working in Revit and developing me further

It contributes to the realization of a design (most preferably in Revit). Revit is just the tool, but I get the best from it. I am very pleased to have a share in a design related to technical solutions.

When I start a project
I’ll start thinking about what’s going to happen
– I immediately get into work

Then I immediately get into work, tackle those who trade. During the work you can think about it too! Making mistakes, I’m recovering with pleasure.

When a project is ready
– I’m proud of the result
– then thinking about how it was better

Both for the next project I’m looking forward to how it can be better addressed in a process.

Which of the following famous architects would you like to draw a design in Revit?
Frank Loyd Wright
– Oscar Niemeijer

Just googling … Oja Wright with ‘Fallingwater’ is a nice one. But Niemeijer’s projects look something more challenging on Wikipedia.

My colleagues describe me as
– A serious person
– Someone who is in for a joke

A serious person.

On a free Saturday afternoon
I’m still working on my work
– I do things with friends and family

Then I’m on vacation in the Netherlands!

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