New entrance MegaStores completed

The MegaStores in The Hague is enriched with a striking entrance. The accessibility and appeal of the MegaStores in the Laakhaven near Holland Spoor could be improved, so in 2016 it was decided to thoroughly modify and expand the shopping centre. By redesigning the Van der Kunplein GROUP A created in 2019 a whole new entrance area with one hundred extra parking spaces and a more visible MegaStores entrance.

An eye-catching canopy finished with a wooden slatted ceiling marks the renewed entrance. The stained ‘Siberian Larch’ slats, varying in size and thickness, have been placed in the direction of the turnstile. The canopy contrasts with the current MegaStores architecture. It is an announcement of the new, more organic design of the storefronts inside. The awning has been designed in such a way that it offers visitors maximum shelter in all weather conditions, but also allows plenty of daylight inside.

With the completion of this entrance area, the first steps have been taken for the total revitalization of the MegaStores Den Haag.

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