Start construction crematorion Zorgvlied

On the historic cemetery Zorgvlied in Amsterdam, construction has started of the Crematorion for Zorgvlied. GROUP A is responsible for the design.

Construction has started end of August and a festive moment will be held on the 21th of September. Bouwbedrijf van Schaik is responsible for the construction, which will be completed by the end of this year.

A Crematorion is a stand-alone building, separate from the auditorium, that houses a cremation furnace and a processing room. After the ceremony in the auditorium, the coffin is led to the Crematorion in a procession. The next of kin get to choose whether they want to leave the coffin in a special forecourt, or whether they want to enter it into the furnace themselves. Also, unlike a regular service at a crematorium, all invitees can be present at the moment the coffin enters the furnace.

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