Teaching Lab perfectly captured by Digidaan

The Teaching Lab at the TU Delft Campus has been completed and the first teachers have tested the Teaching Lab. And bypassers and are intrigued by the bright yellow color. For us a good moment to let it professionally photographed. So we can show the world how pretty this project is.

At GROUP A w work with various architecture photographers. Depending on the project, we choose the photographer which we think can visualize the essence of the project the best. For the Teaching Lab, a sturdy yellow furniture of 8 x 8 x 15 meters, we choose Digidaan – work name of Daan van Eijndhoven. He has already photographed many projects for us, including Booster Station South, Crematorion Zorgvlied and Nieuw Kerk Zierikzee. He can emphasize the spaciousness and materialization of a project very well. He looks, and looks, looks again, places people in the right position and clicks. So the result gets a little more beautiful than it really is. And perfect for the demanding architect.

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