Topping out for AkzoNobel Center

Recently the new Global Center for AkzoNobel, located on the Amsterdam Zuidas, has reached the point of topping-out.

With the main structure completed, fixing the cladding has started. Already, the envisaged transparency and maximum daylight penetration is clearly visible, with the white vertical line-pattern in the facade enhancing the experience. After completion the transparent and layered facade will be accentuated even more by the way the second skin will be materialised. Subtle detailed brackets will support this outer skin, with aluminum fittings securing the timber structure of the facade.

The design by GROUP A for the exterior and the interior of the AkzoNobel Center has to meet high logistical demands because it has to play different roles on different levels. Varying from the large-scale urban level of the buildings’ context to the small-scale, detailed level of its interior. It will be playing a key role in the development of the Beethoven area on the Zuidas. At the same time it is also part of the greater Zuidas, and has to represent the profile of the company amongst the other head offices in the area. The transparent and dynamically shaped 10-storey building with its layered glass facade, will provide a warm and rich appearance.

To reach a high level of sustainability the available space is used intensively, the building has a low energy output and the offices provide a healthy environment.

Photos: Frank Hanswijk

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