2nd phase transformation Keilepand takes shape

After the purchase of the Keilepand in M4H, we started renovating the rest of the building at the end of 2019. Experiences with earlier transformation projects and the renovation of our own office space helps us to further transform this former warehouse from 1922 and make to more sustainable. The bare concrete storage spaces are rapidly transformed into activity based workplaces and the entrance will be completed with a grandstand staircase leading to the 1st floor.

Cordeel Nederland, complemented by our own people, takes care of the renovation. The offices of our new neighbours, and the imposing Keilezaal, take shape. It just needs a fresh paint job before the IABR and Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven architects will receive the key. And if circumstances permit, the Keilezaal will be inaugurated in September with an exhibition organized by IABR.

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