AANKEILEN! series 6 and open house Keilepand

In February the Keilecollectief will start with the new AANKEILEN! series. A mix of lecture and debate, this time with ‘Food’ as the over all theme. On four Thursday evenings we study what food (production) can mean for the development of the M4H – Rotterdam Makers District. The keynote speakers are Dalila Sayd (Het Eetgezelschap), Maarten Bouten (Rechtstreex), Jago van Bergen (BergenKopla) and Philip Troost (Groen Collect).

During Art Rotterdam (6 to 9 Feb.) we have open house. From 14:00 – 18:00 h. everyone is welcome to have a look at our office in the historic Keilepand. There are models of various projects and you can check the infinite Wall-of-knowledge.

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