Block H in Terwijde under construction

Building activities for our project WC Terwijde are reaching its final stage. Completion for Block H will be November 2014.

GROUP A has designed three of the building blocks within WC Terwijde. The special Block H, near the train station, consists of a plinth of shops with three floors of apartments on top. Block FI, situated at the east side of the shopping centre, similarly consists of a shopping plinth with three layers of apartments. Both blocks possess a robust, articulated and tactile plinth with a lightly coloured plainly detailed cantilevered upper part. Block FII has been designed as a separate shopping pavilion.

Seven building blocks together form the longitudinal scenic walk interrupted by two small squares with special building blocks; the largest square is bordered by a historical farmhouse while the small square is bordered by a distinctive shopping pavilion. The building blocks designed by three different architects form a recognizable whole. Through the use of the same brick for all blocks a unified appearance has been achieved.

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