Co creation in Timmerdorp Marconia

On Tuesday morning we gathered on a yellow, warm but nice windy field between Oud-Mathenesse and the Merwedehaven. Between the water and the neighbourhood it was time for constructing, but not by us. Approximately 70 children between 7 and 12 years old were expected for the Timmerdorp Marconia.

After organizing in handy groups, it was up to the fantastic team captains to introduce the children to each other. Only after that it was our turn. Our modest task was to start the design process. What are we going to make and how do we achieve that together?

After a fruitful brainstorm about the program of the shed, where the team captain strictly guarded that everyone was covered, a program of demands was drawn up together, all this with fluttering hair, fluttering papers and hands that wanted to construct. First draw anyway, and everyone was allowed to translate the program of demands into a sketch for the shed. The final design was distilled from all drawings, that’s how you do it; Co creation!

The architects wave goodbye and under the inspiring leadership of the team captains they start constructing their own sheds.

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