Completion office building ‘De Schelde’

GROUP A, in Design & Build with Cordeel Netherlands is responsible for the refurbishment and renovation of the interior of the offices ‘De Schelde’ in Vlissingen of Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding. The office building, ‘De Schelde’, is a national monument. The original design for this head-office was based on the architectural language of the American industrial design principles combined with predominantly European detailing. Over the years many alterations to the building, mainly in the eighties, have made the original architecture difficult to read.

GROUP A reinstated key monumental elements, such as; the spacious entrance hall, the circular stairway and impressive atrium roof by removing later additions, hereby creating a much more pure and clearly defined interior. At the same time new contemporary elements are introduced supporting the strong corporate identity through use of patterns, colors and materials, and with a strong reference to the classical characteristics still present.

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