Damen Shipyard

appropriate for a company with a rich history

Commisioned by Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, GROUP A, took the refurbishment of the gorgeous listed monument ‘De Schel-de’. Caused by the last round of renovations the general impression was grey and dated. In the design, we took the untouched historic interior elements as starting point, and has the dark wood panels and glass roof of the atrium reintegrated. New elements has been added as a reinterpretation of original elements, ensuring that the historic atmosphere is remaining.

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The total DSNS premises consists of the monumental ‘De Schelde’ building, a 1980s office building located behind it, and a connecting section. The entrance of the monument is impressive and leads visitors and employees into the atrium.  Here the shapes and materials of the high-quality reception desk and furniture for the wait-and-read area. Reminds us of yachts and luxury ship interiors. The new lunch restaurant and adjoining presentation room is located just besides the atrium. Both are spacious and full of light. and the. The classic atrium and modern restaurant harmonize well, despite their contrast. Partly by the consistently use of the ochre shades and black highlights.

The existing building that connects the monument and the 80s office building is rebuilt and raised. An expressive steel staircase connecting all the floors of the two buildings more effectively and refers to the steel hulls of the navy ships that Damen builds.

The offices floors are provided with redesigned workplaces and have crisply professional appearance. The high ceilings have been made visible again and the visual link to the atrium has been restored. The refurbishment has given Damen a representative, modern and transparent work environment where employees can mingle in a relaxed setting again. This approach is appropriate for a company with such a rich history and shining future.



Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, Vlissingen


Refurbishment listed building and new build


Glacisstraat 65, Vlissingen, NL


8,420 sqm, 1st phase: 3,720 sqm, 2nd phase 4,700 sqm



Start design

Phase 1: 2012 / Phase 2: 2015

Start construction

Phase 1: 2013 / Phase 2: 2016


Phase 1: 2014 / Phase 2: 2017


Roos Aldershoff
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The makers of this project

Maarten van Bremen
Maarten van Bremen

Architect | Partner

Folkert van Hagen
Folkert van Hagen

Architect | Partner

Brigitte van der Tuin
Brigitte van der Tuin

Interior architect

Raymond Leentvaar
Raymond Leentvaar

Interior | Projectleader

Rolf van Gils
Janneke van der Velden
Raghuveer Ramesh
Michael Schoner
Eduardo Calle
Luis Marques
External stakeholders