Construction Teaching Lab TU Delft started

The construction of the new Teaching Lab at TU Delft University campus has now begun and must be completed by the end of June. The Teaching Lab provides lecturers and supervisors of all faculties at TU Delft with a flexible building environment in which teaching methods and insights are developed. Key concepts include meeting, developing and experimenting. The Teaching Lab is housed in the former InHolland building, sandwiched between the Faculty of Industrial Design and the Pulse Building under construction.

The design provides a single detached piece of furniture that connects the four different levels within the existing hall, accommodates different spaces and facilities, and organizes and sits the large space. Specially designed separate furniture can easily be fitted to the furniture so that temporary workshops and project rooms can be arranged.

In parallel with the implementation process, a group of Honors students is led by GROUP A (i.c.w. Beersnielsen and the TUD) to design and implement a light laboratory; A facility that will be part of the Teaching Lab and will be used by teachers, supervisors and students. This Light Experience Lab needs to be a space in which experiments can be performed on the effects in the broadest sense, from light to different practice situations.

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