Gortercomplex under construction

Ground work in full swing
The work for the Gorter complex in Leiden is in full swing. The apartments – a total of 213 apartments – are divided over two new blocks and the monument.

In connection with the nearby Hospital LUMC and the proximity of the monument, a low-noise and low-vibration system had to be used for pile driving. All Fundex poles are now in the ground and ground work is in full swing.

While the construction site of Plot3, 69 apartments is being excavated, the half-recessed basement floor of Plot 2, 90 apartments has already been poured. For Plot 5, the underground parking garage in the armpit of the old building (the monument), the pit has been excavated.

The work is well on schedule. The application of the piles is completed, and the contractor is busy with the speeding of the pile heads and the making of the piles.

Now that the construction site have been excavated, the size of the project is clearly visible.

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