GROUP A gains assignment study Megastores The Hague

GROUP A has been asked, on behalf of Meijer Realty Partners BV and CQS, to undertake a comprehensive study and design for the Megastores in Laakhavens, The Hague.

At present, the Megastores know a lot of vacancy and the accessibility and recognizability from the immediate area is inadequate. In order to significantly improve functionality, accessibility and accommodation quality, the client has chosen to adapt and expand a district center with a new entrance to an important city city.

GROUP A designs both the refurbishment for the district center and a urban planning plan for the adjacent plot with catering, retail, housing and new entrances. In addition, various studies are being carried out on improvements to existing entrances and different interventions in the existing inner street to enhance quality of experience and use.

It’s a fantastic complex task that offers GROUP A the opportunity to operate integrally at all levels.

Megastores has been purchased by HS retail BV, a joint venture of CQS and Meijer Realty Partners BV.

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