GROUP A moves… #3

By moving to the M4H district in the Rotterdam Fruit-harbours this coming January, GROUP A and co-tenant Bekkering Adams Architects have joined a number of companies including Atelier van Lieshout and Studio Roosegaarde, setting up their new office, studio or workshop in this still unpolished area, with ample harbour activities.

In a former two storey concrete warehouse built in 1922 along what was then an inner harbour, our new offices will be located at the 5-meter high first floor. What was once water has meanwhile been reclaimed and transformed into one large allotment; a cultivated landscape full of crops and maintained by the ‘Voedselbank’, centrally positioned within the M4H-area.

Initiated by the Municipality, the M4H district is intended to attract creative and innovative design- and manufacturing businesses. Entrepeneurs leading in their respective fields of work, and who have demonstrated an innovative joint force that can not be ignored.

The slogan for the area will therefore be soon: Made in 4Haven.

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