GROUP A strengthened

We, GROUP A, are preparing for the future. What started from the enthusiasm and drive of a group of friends, has over the span of more than twenty years developed into a well-known Rotterdam-based architectural practice with an impressive portfolio. Our scope has increased and so have the complexity and diversity of our commissions. With the appointment of Diederik Erkel as a new partner, we are ready for a new chapter in our story.

Central to this story are a number of our core values: to collaborate and inspire, to be curious and socially involved and being enthusiastic and dedicated. These will remain part of our precious DNA, but new times sometimes call for a new direction.

Diederik Erkel was until recently project director of the Hart van Zuid development for Ballast Nedam Development. Previously, he has worked for the Brink Group for well over a decade. Trained as an organizational psychologist, Diederik brings exciting new expertise to GROUP A that makes our practice stronger and more resilient. Preparing us for the future and enabling us to tailor our services and expertise even better to changing market demands.

Diederik joins Folkert van Hagen, Maarten van Bremen and Adam Visser as partner. His main focus will be on future-proofing our organization and attracting new business in different sectors, to further expand GROUP A’s potential and bring it to the next level.

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