GROUP A wins tender Den Herd Bladel

The municipality of Bladel has selected GROUP A in combination with ABT and Fabrique to design the new community house. After renovation and transformation, the former Rabobank building on the Markt will accommodate ‘Huis den Herd‘ with a mix of functions and facilities.

Crucial to the plan is the ‘connector’: a public route that stimulates the required internal and external connection to the Markt. The connector is more than a connecting route; it is a ‘spatial experience’.

The design vision of GROUP A, ABT and Fabrique was chosen after a selection procedure in two rounds. The jury report calls the vision “clear” and a continuation of a “strong analysis of the existing building”. According to the report, the design vision “clearly focuses on two core qualities: visibility and accessibility”.

In the coming period, the vision will be further worked out, together with the municipality and the users of Den Herd, the senior citizens’ association Bladel and daycare centre De Goei Plak, into a definitive programme of requirements. Consultations will also be held at a later date with other -potential- users who can add value to the community house function.

The municipality and Den Herd are looking forward to completion of the design process before the summer of 2021, after which the construction can be tendered out. The start of the renovation is planned for early 2022.

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