GROUP A designs new premises DKG | Bruynzeel, Bergen op Zoom, NL

Following an architect’s tender, GROUP A has been appointed to design the new offices and showrooms for DKG | Bruynzeel Kitchens in Bergen op Zoom.

In respons to the client’s brief to integrate all activities, an all-under-one roof concept is opted for. A substantial cantilevered roof covers a transparant glass volume, containing a three storey office.

The remaining volume provides the Exhibition Hall, an approximately 9 meter high columnfree space in which the showrooms of various kitchen brands and other facilities can be built up in a flexible way. The office floors are open towards the Exhibition Hall, to enhance feeling with the finished product.

The cantilevered roof also covers the transparent glass corridor, connecting the new building with the existing factory, reaching over the adjacent production hall and loading area.

With this, integration of manufacturing, sales, logistics and supporting offices, has been achieved.

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