DKG headquarters

Working in transparency and openness

GROUP A designs transparent headquarters with a wooden accent for DKG, the group behind the successful Dutch brands Bruynzeel Keukens and Keller Keukens. With a clear and open design, the building promotes both employee well-being and interaction between office, factory and separate departments. The headquarters, which is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022, will shape the beating heart of DKG in combination with De Keukenfabriek.

Smart reuse of foundations

A strategically located existing warehouse on the factory site was selected as the location for the new building. The warehouse will be demolished and the foundation and ground floor will be reused as the basis for the two-storey new office building. The contours of the warehouse determine the 3,800 m2 office space. To provide the 80-meter-long and 27-meter-wide office with daylight, the design comprises two centrally located atria that promote interaction between employees.

Transparency with wooden accent

The building has an open and transparent character. The wooden louvres that protect the work floors from direct sunlight on the south façade flow into an open canopy on the west façade. Thanks to the open character of the canopy, trees and plants on the terrace of the restaurant on the ground floor define a pleasant outdoor space that establishes a relationship with the green surroundings and the factory.

Employee well-being

Free-standing meeting rooms divide the column-free office floors into smaller clusters of workplaces. Here, departments are acoustically grouped to prevent noise nuisance among employees. The building is ventilated with 100% fresh air. By creating a healthy indoor climate and comfortable working environment, the design guarantees the well-being of employees while maintaining the open character.





Office building with restaurant


Drebbelstraat, Bergen op Zoom, NL


3.800 sqm


Office and hospitality

Start design

September 2020

Start construction

July 2021


October 2022


Ossip van Duivenbode

The makers of this project

Adam Visser

Adam Visser Architect | Partner

Lolke Ket

Lolke Ket Architect | Projectleader

Dennis Berger

Dennis Berger Architect

Raymond Leentvaar

Raymond Leentvaar Interior | Projectleader

Brigitte van der Tuin

Brigitte van der Tuin Interior architect

Frank Deltrap

Frank Deltrap Architect | Projectleader

Bas Cuppen

Bas Cuppen Architectural engineer

Boyuan Shi

Boyuan Shi Architect

Charlotte Nieveen van Dijkum

Charlotte Nieveen van Dijkum Architect

External stakeholders


Bouwbedrijf Vrolijk, Moerdijk

Structural engineer

Breed Integrated Design


Barth Installatietechniek

Building physics