Old and new in harmony at the Gortercomplex

The sculptures ‘Hope’ and ‘Care’ are the eye-catchers at the entrance to the Gorter building in Leiden. This monumental building has been transformed into housing and put into use this summer. Photographer Arjen Veldt, with a keen eye for light and spaciousness, captured the Gortercomplex for us. Old and new in an exciting play of harmony and contrast.

GROUP A is responsible for the design of the monumental redevelopment of the Gorter building and the new building, in the campus-like setting of the Boerhaave district in Leiden. The characteristic 50s Gorter building, a research building of the Leiden Academic Hospital, is redeveloped into 54 apartments. In addition, the Gortercomplex has been expanded with two 40-metre-high residential towers with 159 apartments and an underground car park.

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