Meet… #18 | Smara Mirza

In the series ‘Meet…’, GROUP A employees answer a number of questions about their work. This time it is Smara Mirza who tells us about her personal life and professional challenges. At GROUP A, Smara is responsible for the bureau’s finances. She has a lot of contact with clients and suppliers, but also regularly sits down with the partners and colleagues to discuss the progress and status of projects.

Before I started working in architecture
I’ve worked in the finance departments of several multinationals.

It is nice to work at GROUP A because
Because GROUP A feels like a second home. What makes my work interesting is that there are always several projects running simultaneously and that many different parties are involved. Each of these projects is unique and has its own financial conditions.

Working with architects I find
Very nice! I deal with people who have turned their passion into their work. I can tell that by the atmosphere within the company. It’s great to see what we can do when everyone is on the same page.

The quality I’m most proud of is
That I just dare to say things, to ask and to do things. I am very precise in my work and I sort everything out down to the last detail, until everything is exactly right. I always try to see how something can be improved. I prefer an open approach.

My biggest challenge is
Being able to follow all the different GROUP A projects, both financially and in terms of content. This applies to ongoing projects, but also to acquisitions and tenders. In addition, I am also working on the launch of the database we developed ourselves.

Working in the Keilepand is
The atmosphere within the Keilecollectief is very warm and social. It is cool to have all those models and materials of the various offices surrounding you. The Keilepand building is a magical building with doors everywhere that lead to gigantic hidden spaces!

If I want to relax I go to
Then I stretch out on the couch and enjoy a good movie, go out with my daughters or go out to dinner with my husband.

A buildings of ours that has impressed me a lot
The Crematorion at the Zorgvlied Cemetery. The way in which the building is designed to symbolise the transition from the earthly to the heavenly, I love that. It gave me shivers when I saw it.

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