New commission Teaching Lab TU Delft

The new Learning Lab on the campus of Delft University of Technology is commissioned to design by GROUP A, following an architects selection.

The project will provide university staff with a comfortable, interactive and flexible working environment in which fresh new education methods and programs can be experimented with, developed further and thoroughly tested. The Learning Lab will be housed in the former InHolland premises, sandwiched between the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and the to be built Pulse building.

The design concept envisages a powerful intervention by means of one integrated ‘stand alone’ furniture element inserted into the relatively narrow and high space, which  accommodates a number of essential features and qualities:
• interconnecting the different existing floor levels;
• providing a variety of flexible and easy convertible spaces;
• safeguarding the required identity, security zones and transparency;
• providing an integral solution to the management of all M&E issues and Acoustics.

The Learning Lab will be ready for completion second half 2017.

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