Opening shopping center Terwijde Leidsche Rijn

Last Wednesday, 5 November 2014, the grand opening of shopping center Terwijde took place amidst a few hundred guests.

Following the masterplan ‘WC Terwijde’ by BFAS architects and urban planners, individual urban blocks have been realised by architects Dana Ponec, Office Winhov and GROUP A. General architectural principles for the area include a building plinth comprising retail with an average of four residential floors above, and a harmonious palette of materials and finishes to be used by the architects.

Centrally positioned in the area, GROUP A has realised a retail-pavilion. The design of this pavilion is inspired by the farm-typology as represented by the adjacent existing historic farm. It is envisaged the historic farm will get a restaurant function in due course.

The shopping center will have a total area of 12,000 sqm, comprising 40 shops: 3 supermarkets, special shops, café and restaurants and facilities. In the first phase 285 apartments have been realised, developed by MAB and Bouwfonds ASR.

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