Redevelopment Ferro office starts

Monday, December 11 Dura Vermeer Bouw Heyma and the Port of Rotterdam signed a contract for the redevelopment of the Ferro office on the former Ferro site in Galileipark. It will be a collective building that, with reuse of the existing shell, a largely bio-based facade, energy label A+++ and solar panels on the roof, does justice to the sustainability ambitions of the intended real estate developments in the area.

This first new construction project will be the showcase for M4H Rotterdam (Merwe-Vierhavens), which together with RDM Rotterdam in Heijplaat forms the Rotterdam Makers District. Here the municipality of Rotterdam and Port of Rotterdam are jointly working on an entirely new area concept, which will soon combine housing, education and innovative manufacturing. Where the municipality focuses on the development of housing and urban facilities, Port of Rotterdam focuses on creating an attractive business climate for the new generation of (maritime) manufacturing companies within the themes of energy transition, mobility and circularity.

Sustainable ambitions
The building is a redevelopment of the former Ferro office built in 1969. On the approximately 1,800 m² plot, a collective building will be realized with approximately 7,400 m² of office space and approximately 700 m² of industrial space. It will accommodate approximately 300 employees. The building will be built to BENG standards (Nearly Energy Neutral Buildings), BREEAM-NL-outstanding and delivered gas-free. And with an “all electric” construction site, emissions will also be minimized during construction.

Partners and experts involved
For the design of the Ferro office, cooperation was sought with GROUP A, an architectural firm based in nearby Keilepand. GROUP A has a strong involvement in the area development of M4H, has extensive knowledge in making historic buildings sustainable and plays an active connecting role in the area. For the realization of the design, Dura Vermeer Bouw Heyma assembled a team of technical experts and specialists. Dura Vermeer Techniek will be responsible for all installations during realization. WVH Geveltechniek joins for the design and construction of the facade.

Place for new generation of port makers
For companies looking for an open innovation environment close to educational and knowledge institutions and good (port) facilities, the new Ferro office in Galilei Park is an ideal environment. Here, companies and educational institutions work together on new technologies in the field of energy transition, mobility and circularity. Innovative (production) companies with courage and perseverance will find plenty of space here. The combination of urban atmosphere, good (port) facilities and the Marconiplein metro station within walking distance makes it the perfect place for the new generation of port makers.

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