Refurbishment Metro Oostlijn Amsterdam awarded to Hegeman+

16 stations along the Oostlijn of the Amsterdam Metro; 5 underground and 11 above the ground. All of them are going to be renovated between 2016 and 2018. Design of the stations is not just a return to the basics of the original design, but is also a vision for the future. This month, the refurbishment was awarded to Hegeman+. Hegeman+ is a well-known contractor in the world of public transport in the Netherlands, involved in projects like ‘ZwolleSpoort’ and ‘Perronkappen Station Leeuwarden’. GROUP A, architect of this 16 stations, wishes Hegeman+ good luck with the construction of our design!

About the design
Architectural studio GROUP A icw design agency Fabrique is responsible for the design for the renovation of the stations of Oostlijn of the Amsterdam Metro. According to GROUP A, the aim of the renovation is to create a modern metro system which functions adequately, is comprehensibly organized, and pleasant to use. This is achieved without denying the original character of the metro. Instead, this existing ‘DNA’ functions as a solid and neutral background for the renovation. Through indirect lighting of the background, the metros’ spaces will feel more comfortable. Well positioned light accents and voids enhance the travellers’ orientation. All ‘cluttering’ elements will be integrated in functional clusters. These clusters provide clarity and colour, and are adaptable to future changes. Through these interventions, the Oostlijn will once more become functional, comprehensible, and a pleasant addition to public space in Amsterdam.

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