Renovation Station Holendrecht almost finished

The first station of the East Line renovation is as well as completed. Starting today, both accesses will be open again and Station Holendrecht will be ready for reception. Photographer Digidaan shot pictures of the beautiful end result, which we are very proud of.

Station Holendrecht is the first of 16 stations, which is also a learning school for the other 15 stations. It is a renovation project that encounters you, so for GROUP A this is a special project that is constantly moving.

March 29, 2016 started the renovation of the Metro East Line, with the 16 remaining original East Line stations being refurbished. Of these, 5 stations are underground (Center and East) and 11 above ground (Amsterdam Zuidoost, Duivendrecht, Diemen and Overamstel). GROUP A is responsible for the design, and Hegeman + for the implementation.

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