Serious Game Climate Positive M4H during DGBW

Monday, October 9, 2023 more than 50 stakeholders – including municipality, developers, constructors- gathered in the Keilepand to play the serious game ‘Climate Positive M4H’. Eight tables competed among each other in order to score as many points as possible for quality of life – based on the eight principles of the Spatial Framework M4H -, to emit as little CO2 as possible and to store CO2 where possible.

Collaboration between partners in the chain as the key to success!

Participants were enthusiastic about how this game sparked discussion among all chain partners about a climate positive environment.

This game is a prototype developed by GROUP A – CARBONLAB and Ludopolis in collaboration with the Keilecollectief on the occasion of the Dutch Green Building Week of the Dutch Green Building Council which kicked off in the Keilepand.

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