Climate positive design strategies

To face thé challenge of our era GROUP A has launched CARBONLAB. This think tank investigates how we can reduce the CO2 footprint of our projects. The goal is to flip the coin and turn designs into carbon sinks: Climate Positive design, construction and living.

CO2 emissions are the trigger for a series of interrelated challenges such as climate change, declining ecosystems and decreasing food security. There is a direct link to how we design a sustainable living environment: approximately 38% of global CO2 emissions are the result of the built environment. This puts a significant responsibility on the entire construction sector to achieve CO2 reduction. The transition is inevitable but requires customized solutions.

With CARBONLAB we anticipate upcoming regulations and incentives. From sketch phase to user phase, we investigate how we can reduce the CO2 footprint of our design proposals. The goal is to flip the coin and turn designs into carbon sinks: Climate Positive design, construction and living. Using CO2 reduction and storage as a benchmark results in possibilities for responsible construction, regeneration of ecosystems and new business models. With an integrated view on the CO2 component of projects we can motivate clients to make fundamentally sustainable choices.

Starting as a think tank within GROUP A, CARBONLAB focuses on developing and applying knowledge of technologies, materials, (anticipating) regulations and incentives. Both internally and in collaboration with knowledge partners, in order to formulate project-driven solutions. GROUP A invites parties that share this mission and want to exchange knowledge and experience to contact CARBONLAB via

We recently shared our Timeline of Environmental Legislation for the Construction Industry. Download the latest version here.

The makers of this project

Willem van Genugten

Willem van Genugten Sustainable Business Developer

Adam Visser

Adam Visser Architect | Partner

Folkert van Hagen

Folkert van Hagen Architect | Partner

Maarten van Bremen

Maarten van Bremen Architect | Partner

Bailey Gardien

Bailey Gardien


Bas Cuppen

Bas Cuppen Architectural engineer

Boris van der Staak

Boris van der Staak projectmanager/ designer

Brigitte van der Tuin

Brigitte van der Tuin Interior architect

Chris Woltjes

Chris Woltjes Architect | Projectleader

Clara Yoanika Gunawan

Clara Yoanika Gunawan Designer

Dennis Berger

Dennis Berger Architect

Denny Chan

Denny Chan Architect

Edwin van Thuijl

Edwin van Thuijl BIM Coordinator

Federica Padovani

Federica Padovani Urban designer

Fieke Poelman

Fieke Poelman Architect | Projectleader

Frank Deltrap

Frank Deltrap Architect | Projectleader

Greetje van den Nouweland

Greetje van den Nouweland Urban designer

Hala Abi Saad

Hala Abi Saad Architect | Urban designer

Jakub Wysocki

Jakub Wysocki Architect

Laura Onnis

Laura Onnis Architect and visual artist

Katarzyna Plonka

Katarzyna Plonka Architect

Lolke Ket

Lolke Ket Architect | Projectleader

Maarten Lever

Maarten Lever Architect | Projectleader

Maria Opłatek

Maria Opłatek Intern

Mary Lou van den Berg

Mary Lou van den Berg Architect

Perry Klootwijk

Perry Klootwijk Architect | Projectleader

Pia Fischer

Pia Fischer Architect | Projectleader

Raymond Leentvaar

Raymond Leentvaar Interior | Projectleader

Sophie Dogterom

Sophie Dogterom Designer

Sven Schouten

Sven Schouten Designer

Thijs Meijer

Thijs Meijer Junior urbanist

Aiham Melhem

Aiham Melhem Designer

External stakeholders

Knowledge platform