Update timeline of environmental legislation for the construction industry available

Climate-positive built environment, is that possible? And how to have a conversation about it? Based on potentially polarizing opinions and preferences or based on mutually shared knowledge and objective principles? To explore what all the disciplines that make up the built environment (government, investor, developer, engineer, designer, product developer, builders) at least have in common, CARBONLAB mapped environmental laws and regulations for the construction industry from 2000 to 2050. Because the creation of the built environment often spans several years, and sometimes even decades, we have mapped both existing and upcoming regulations and incentives. Both on a global scale, European scale, Dutch scale and local scale.

The timeline provides a factual overview of all the factors we have to comply with in planning and building our environment. A good basis for structuring the dialogue between the various disciplines on integrating sustainability and CO2 storage into the environment.

From our experience, this overview is very instrumental and serves its purpose. Several parties are now using it in their projects and processes. The demand for sharing is high and that is why we are making the overview available. We encourage everyone to use the overview internally and externally with mention of GROUP A – CARBONLAB.

Download the most recent version of the Timeline of Environmental Legislation for the Construction Industry.

This overview is the current state of our research and therefore may be incomplete and in need of improvement. We urge everyone to let us know what, if anything, needs to be changed. If there is an update then it will also be made available here.

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