We bought the Keilepand!

For the last few years we feel perfectly at home in the Keilepand, a former warehouse in the Rotterdam Merwe-Vierhavens area. And we are very proud that we can call ourselves co-owner of the building since November 4th!

Together with SANT Interiors and WoodWave we have taken this exciting step, aspiring to extend our growing collective of designers, makers and doers. Since that alderman Bas Kurvers has officially handed us the key, we started work on the further improvement of the building immediately. In the heart of the building the new entrance hall is already taking shape and we are also going to insulate the roof and the fa├žade. In 2020, the Keilezaal will be opened, providing us with a fantastic exhibition space.

We invite everyone to visit our inspiring home and help us shape the future. We are looking forward to it!

Photos: Jan de Groen

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