Maarten van Bremen spreker op het Passenger Terminal Conference 2018 Stockholm

20 maart spreekt Maarten Van Bremen op het Passenger Terminal Conference 2018 in Stockholm over de renovatie van de Metro Oostlijn in Amsterdam, met betrekking tot het belang van modernisatie. een van de hoofdonderwerpen zal zijn: het creëren van passagiers stromen en beleving.

Synopsis: Today’s airports provide passengers with a pleasurable experience during their stay. The interconnection with public transport, the journey to and from the airport, is indispensably linked with passenger expectations and demands. Metros play a leading role in that. While most European metro systems age, the urge for renovation and modernisation is tied in with passenger safety and comfort. Successful city-to-airport development starts with seamless and pleasurable connectivity. In the era of ’time-space compression’, spatial comfort needs to be rethought. Our project, the renovation of the Metro Oostlijn stations in Amsterdam, addresses these topics of passenger satisfaction through spatial comfort.