European HQ Sabic

floors like rice fields

The egg form of the head office of Sabic in Sittard is based on renewal, transparency and approachability. The core values of Sabic. GROUP A designed the exterior, the interior and the landscape which lead to a unity in concept, execution and atmosphere. Sabic introduced, as one of the first in the Netherlands, the New Ways of Work, which resulted in one open space that stimulates contact and working together.

The head office with eight floors and a basement for parking is situated on a prominent site in Sittard which is connected by a green axis with the Fortuna stadium. The design is based on the idea of transparency towards the outside and the inside. The structural glass fa├žade ensures a good contact with the outside world.

The funnel shaped and low threshold entrance draws visitors into the heart of the building. The spatial context and functional requirements such as climate control suggested an atrium with cascading floors soaring up to the sky. A variety of functions such as reception, waiting space and coffee bar are incorporated in the large welcome desk, thus creating a barrier without giving this impression.

Because of the New Ways of Work there are no individual working places but various zones: individual and open offices, meeting zones, concentration spaces and quiet spaces. In this way the plaza with its restaurant on the ground floor serves as a meeting place and outside lunch hours as a working space. Transparency can not only be felt towards the outside, but also towards the inside: mutual contact is stimulated. While walking through this symmetric building with asymmetric elements one encounters continually changing perspectives and views.



Sabic Europe


New build, exterior, interior and landscape


Europaboulevard, Sittard, NL


10,500 sqm



Start design

January 2003

Start construction

September 2004


August 2006


Christian Richters / Luuk Kramer / Rob Hoekstra

The makers of this project

Folkert van Hagen

Folkert van Hagen Architect | Partner

Lolke Ket

Lolke Ket Architect | Projectleader

Birgitta Rottmann

Birgitta Rottmann Architect | Projectleader

Jos Overmars

Jos Overmars Architectural engineer | Projectleader

Philip Vencken

Philip Vencken

Peter Brouwer

Peter Brouwer

Roeland Dreissen

Roeland Dreissen

Tom Neu

Tom Neu

Ebami Tom

Ebami Tom

Joep Fessl

Joep Fessl

Daniel Hoewekamp

Daniel Hoewekamp

Maya Brudieux

Maya Brudieux

External stakeholders


BAM Utiliteitsbouw bv

Project management

ARCADIS Nederland bv


ITH Techniek bv


Peutz bv

Installation advisor

GTI Utiliteit bv