Meet…#9 | the partners

In ‘Meet the team…’, GROUP A employees respond to a number of statements about their work. This time it is the turn of the three partners, Folkert van Hagen, Maarten van Bremen and Adam Visser. Since they formed GROUP A in 1996, there is a good history together. Over the years, almost 200 employees have been working on competitions, procurement and realizations. From the redevelopment of a church in Zierikzee to the design and construction of a headquarters for AkzoNobel on the Zuidas in Amsterdam and a urban planning plan for the station area in Utrecht. Since January 2016, they are working with GROUP A-ers from the self-restored Keilepand in the booming M4H area!

You may choose
– Before the crisis everything was better
– After the crisis it’s finally better

We are not doing that at all. Every day, every week, each year is better. We focus on the future.

In 10 years
– We are still busy with different types of tasks that are never the same
We focus only on assignments that we are best / specialized in

The wide interest has only become more diverse over time, due to the open and investigative attitude we have.

We would prefer
– Have a dedicated workshop to develop and design self-designed furniture under our own label
– A meeting place to brainstorm on a regular basis with different parties on new technologies such as 3D printing, special drawing programs and innovative products

We’re just doing both!

Our biggest challenge is
– Keep designing in all the hectic of the office
– To guide the design process and the office

Also, both of us, we want to design designing the quality of the desk.

We work all three in our own, defined projects
– We work together on the ongoing projects

Of course the second answer! We use each other’s customer and power, though we project a project partner by project.

When we retire
– We carry GROUP A over and we will do other things
Retirement? What is that??

The second proposition: Pension, what is that?

Our employees find us
– Bosses where you can make a joke
– Serious bosses

What do you think??

We are a GROUP because
We work intensively together
– We all have the same side with our noses

We do not have separate divisions internally, work hierarchically and help each other with the projects.

After completion of a project
– We are proud
– Do we still think about, and how it could have been better?

We always keep learning, but we can also be very proud of what we have already achieved!

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