Meet…#8 | Perry Klootwijk

In ‘Meet the team’, GROUP A staff members respond to a few statements about their work. This time it is the turn of Perry Klootwijk. Perry has been working as an architect in GROUP A since 2015, and lives in Rotterdam Overschie with his wife and 2 children.

My preference is for
– Work on a small project and thus in a smaller team
Work on a big project with a large team

A smaller assignment means that you know the project to the smallest capillaries, which allows for a greater role to play in the entire realization of the project. You are more in a position to send the project. I feel that in a big project, I get a bigger distance to the direct execution, that I have to manage more than I’m working on immediately.

The biggest challenge for me as an architect is
Keep as much as possible of the original design during the process
– Updating the project during the process to create a beautiful design

For me as a person, the realization of a design is the first. I can enjoy a paper design but I’m only really happy about a successful achievement. Influencing the interplay of all factors in the process, so that a project succeeds. The design may and will evolve during the process, but it will take into account the first principles of the design.

When I start a project
I immediately know how I want it
– It takes a while for the design to actually get shape

I’m not visionary, it takes a while before I get the design in mind and know where it’s going to be. It has to develop.

If a project is done than
I’m happy with the result
– I still think about how better or different

I’m a tobber. It takes a while before I can enjoy a realized project. I am continuing to ask how I could have managed better or better during the process. It’s a process, things sometimes go different than you wish. You have to go further, you have to learn. In the past, I could wake up, now a little less, but frustrating it is sometimes still.

My colleagues describe me as
– Someone who is in for a joke
– A serious person

You should ask that question, I can not answer this question.

On a free Saturday afternoon
I still think about the task I’m working on
– I’m going out with my wife and children

On a free Saturday, I go out with my wife and children to sail. The wind in your hair, the noise and breeze of the water. Ripping through the waves without sound. Are there any more beautiful things? I recommend it to everyone.

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