Meet…#10 | Pia Fischer

In ‘Meet the team…’ series, GROUP A employees react to a number of statements about their work. This time it’s Pia Fischer’s turn. Pia has worked at GROUP A since 2009 and comes from Germany, where she studied architecture at the FH Erfurt, and then at TU Delft. She lives in Rotterdam.

I prefer to work
– in a large team on a complex project
– to a small project in a smaller setting

I like it when I know about everything that’s going on. This may be easier in a smaller setting. Nevertheless, I also like to work in a large team. To see that it is a success because of the team and everyone’s role in it is very nice. I think a team like a well-oiled machine is great!

The biggest challenge in my work is
– designing a design that is timeless
– designing a design that works well for the user

A building must work well for the users and the environment. The function, materialization and appearance of a building is closely linked to the period in which it arises. I am convinced that a good building will last a long time and can work well for its (next) users. Is it timeless?

When I start a project
– then I know exactly how I want it
– then it takes a while before the design takes shape

I have to dive into the assignment, the context, the users. In the beginning I try to stay open for different solution directions. If the preconditions are collected and analysed, the ideas begin to take shape.

If I can choose then I will live in a building of
– Rem Koolhaas
– Zaha Hadid

… in Tuscany. The place is more important than the architect.

The most beautiful material to process in a design
– is a natural material
– is a material that works best in the design

Often the choice of materials makes the difference. This is related to detailing, but also to the aging process of the material. Materials that change over time in a positive way are important to me and fortunately these are mostly natural materials.

My colleagues describe me as
– someone who is in for a joke
– as a serious person

I’m curious!
A bit of both would be nice.
But everyone knows that I am someone who is in for a glass of wine.

On a free Saturday
– I am often still busy with work
– I meet with friends

I do nice things, meet with friends. And the current project at GROUP A is usually also there, it continues to purr around me. My work is also my hobby.

I pass the baton on to my Italian colleague Laura Onnis because I wonder if the work we can do as architects in the Netherlands is sufficient compensation for the lack of ‘la dolce vita’.

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