Art Village Tilburg Noord in exhibition (T)Huis

Art Village Tilburg Noord is part of Rotterdam Architectuurmaand’s main exhibition (T)Huis. The exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut is open to the public throughout the month of June.

Exhibition (T)Huis
The exhibition addresses urgent issues relating to housing and the residential environment. Feeling at home is about feeling connected to your street, your neighbourhood, your city – a living environment that is currently under pressure. Solutions and opportunities seem far away, but come closer in the exhibition (T)Huis (House/Home) with over 40 innovative plans and designs by architects, makers, students and innovators. The exhibition is designed and curated by Namelok.

Social and sustainable urban densification
Art Village is an inspiring practice environment for the arts in the Ypelaerpark in Tilburg North. Here, in co-creation with residents and cultural institutions from the neighborhood, collective work is being done to improve the residential and living environment. Co-creation changes the roles of all involved. Giving everyone a voice at the table, and therefore actual influence on the end result, increases engagement. This fosters the relationship between residents and professionals and ensures that residents feel ownership of their own living environment. In addition to the redesign of the park, the flats from 1960s and 1970s, with mainly social housing, will be transformed. Densifying with different housing typologies creates a socially sustainable neighborhood with a wide diversity of residents.

Photos by Hala Abi Saad

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