Art Village Tilburg Noord

Community inclusive design

Commissioned by the municipality of Tilburg, WonenBreburg and ACT! (developers VolkerWessels and BPD) GROUP A is responsible for the urban master plan of the neighborhood Tilburg Noord. In a co-creative process with residents and cultural institutions of the neighborhood, we work collectively to improve the residential and living environment in and around the Ypelaerpark in Tilburg. Our master plan comprises the design of Art Village in the Ypelaerpark and the transformation of Parkzicht and Verdiplein.

Cultural co-creation

Art Village is an inspiring and dynamic rehearsal environment for the arts. The point of departure? The wishes and needs of the three protagonists Corpo Maquina, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Fashion Clash. GROUP A designs several spaces in co-creation, including rehearsal spaces for dance and theater, studios, stages and tribune, living units for artists in residence and facilities. The Ypelaerpark is the canvas for this design assignment. By actively involving the neighborhood’s youngsters in workshops and activities initiated by ForwArt, the Ypelaerpark becomes a playground to discover the talents of the youth of Tilburg Noord. In a series of workshops led by artist Hugo Vrijdag, for example, the neighborhood’s youngsters will build mountable sculptures in the park.

Recovering connections

In the transformation of the 60s and 70s flats Parkzicht and Verdiplein GROUP A focuses on restoring social and physical connections. By splitting existing apartments and adding collective spaces and new types of homes, the design ensures a greater diversity of users. We have activated the plinths with double-height breakthroughs, spatial entrances and workspaces for the community. Adding versatile workspaces encourages residents to develop commercial and social initiatives and new relationships with the surrounding urban fabric. A green facade and lush greenery contribute to the biodiversity of Tilburg Noord.

With a similar approach GROUP A also works on the transformation of the flats on Kapelmeesterlaan on the outskirts of Tilburg Noord. By developing the design in an intensive dialogue with all parties involved, GROUP A actively engages in creating a sustainable living environment in Tilburg Noord.



Municipality of Tilburg, WonenBreburg and ACT! (developers VolkerWessels and BPD)


Structural design for Tilburg Noord in co-creation with residents and cultural institutions.


Tilburg Noord


106,500 sqm


Housing, Retail, Public space, Cultural program, Theater

Start design

March 2020

In collaboration with

Residents and youngsters of Tilburg Noord, ForwArt, Corpo Máquina Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Fashion Clash, Tranzo (UvT)

The makers of this project

Adam Visser

Adam Visser Architect | Partner

Maarten Lever

Maarten Lever Architect | Projectleader

Hala Abi Saad

Hala Abi Saad Architect | Urban designer

Federica Padovani

Federica Padovani Urban designer

Bas Cuppen

Bas Cuppen Architectural engineer

Thilini Warnakulasuriya

Thilini Warnakulasuriya Junior Architect

Kefei Yan

Kefei Yan Intern