Carbon Stories: Climate Positive Urban Planning now online

How do we get the transition to a climate-positive built environment done at the level of urban planning? Thursday, June 22, we discussed this in the debate Carbon Stories: Climate Positive Urban Planning. Couldn’t join us? Watch the full debate online.

Co-curator Martin Sobota of CITYFÖRSTER is initiator of a research group on this topic and opens the evening with a call. Jurriaan Van Stigt of LEVS architects will talk about a research project on the CO2 footprint for City of Amsterdam. Wouter Streefkerk will explain the role of CO2 budgets in urban development on behalf of the Municipality of Rotterdam – Stadsontwikkeling. David van Keulen will talk about the role of CO2 in mobility models for the City of The Hague and Tobias Tonch of Synchroon will explain the role of developers in providing climate-positive urbanity.


Carbon Stories is an initiative of GROUP A’s think tank CARBONLAB, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and the KeileCollectief.

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